Look Twice Before You Go MP3/Flac


ET could have recorded this in 1960 and it would have sounded the same. This Lp was at the end of the Official Decca label pressings before they became known as MCA the parent company's brand name. This was Ernest's last charting Lp at #33 discounting the repackaging of his duets with Loretta that came out a year or so later. Ernest was getting close to the end of being a major label artist. The seventies was the time the music business went from being run by music men like Atkins, Bradley, Drusky, etc and was taken over by a bunch of Lawyers and CPA's who formulated the music giving up individuality and talent to become marketing companies instead of record labels. Most of the ones who put Nashville on the map were throwed under multiple buses and loyalty went to the empty suit flunky who would lend the boss a helping hand in the men's room. Ernest, Stonewall, Kitty, and most of the Opry regulars were not even given the benefit of a reach around.

Honky Tonks And You
It's Four In The Morning
Ninety Nine Years
Heartaches By The Number
I Care No More
Pearlie Mae's Place
Good Hearted Woman
Say Something Nice To Sarah
I've Been Walkin'
Teach My Daddy How To Pray
Look Twice Before You Go