Something To Think About MP3/Flac


I bought this record as a cut out back in the early part of the 70's and this was the record that more or less introduced me to Willie. When this came out in 1966 Willie was firmly established as a Hit Writer but the singing side of had not really took hold. Willie's efforts prior to this on Liberty were heavily orchestrated with strings and and chorale backing groups. It was an odd pairing but one that I have always enjoyed. Willie's album sales were respectable and his singles sales while not always top forty were also good mostly in the southwest. I followed Willie's music up until the Willie and Family Live then lost all interest in it after it became obvious that the so called outlaw movement was the really the profit movement and was nothing more than the formulated music that Willie used to fight so hard against.

The instrumentation is sparse on this Lp and is perfect for the performance. Willie had Johnny Bush on Drums who Willie would soon be backing and producing Lp's for on the Stop label and the legendary Wade Ray on bass.

Mr Record Man/Hello Walls/One Day At A Time
Last Letter/Half A Man
I Never Cared For You
Touch Me
Something To Think About
I Just Can't Let You Say Goodbye
How Long Is Forever
Night Life
Opportunity To Cry/Permanently Lonely
My Own Peculiar Way