ANN JILLIAN - IN THE MIDDLE OF LOVE: The Songs of Steve Allen (1994) MP3/Flac

alt1. In the Middle of Love
2. Until I Left Chicago
3. How Dare You, Sir
4. The Day We Do As We Please
5. One Little Thing
6. Pals (Duet with Steve Allen)
7. Wonder of Wonders
8. I Depend on Me
9. I Hate New York
10. 52nd Street
11. I Love You Says It Very Well

This recording is a fine tribute to Steve Allen's creativity and an impressive showcase for Ann Jillian's singing talent. One can't help feeling "In The Middle Of Love"! Songs from this CD include: “In The Middle Of Love� A Sinatra-style rhythm number with a simple melodic line and a harmonically rich bridge. “Until I Left Chicago� A minor key blues in an earthy, jazz-tingled style. “How Dare You, Sir� a poignant mini-drama that would have interested Edith Piaf. “The Day We Do As We Please� A reminder of those great old Jimmy Van Heusen-Johnny Burke songs introduced by Bing Crosby. “One Little Thing� When a love affair falls apart, we sometimes initially react with anger but find it impossible to sustain. “Pals� A duet with Steve is a happy song from the score of The Al Chemist Show. “Wonder Of Wonders� A dramatic love song with almost religious overtones. “I Depend On Me� Theatre and films sometimes glamorize the prostitute’s trade, but in reality it’s depressing and dangerous. “I Hate New York� A harmonically original melody that expresses the love-hate relationship that most Americans feel for Manhattan. “52nd Street� A big-band song in the style of Basie-Ellington-Tommy Dorsey jazz numbers of the 30’s & 40’s. “I Love You Says It Very Well� The traditional challenge….how to convey love’s simples message in a fresh and inventive way.