V.A. - Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 20-23 MP3/Flac

The final chapter in the Highs Of The Mid-Sixties series. Sad to say that I haven't the original copies of Vol. 21 + 23. I've got these rips once at Soulseek and they found their way finally on different blogs. The sound was sometimes canny (Vol. 21) and sometimes the noise reduction was used too enthusiastic (Vol 23). To give us all more satisfaction on Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 20
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Okay, The Gigolos (who were in fact an early '80s band), Rumblers or The Aftermath are maybe not playing in the same league as the top garage bands but I tend to say that the rest of the set is first-rate garage-punk.

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] alt(taken from Dan's Garage who made the COMPLETE track of the "Four O'Clock Balloon" available (for some reason "Dark Cobble Street" started in the mid of the song on this compilation).

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V.A. - Highs In The Mid-Sixties Vol. 22
[The South Part 2]
1. Daze Of The Week - One Night Stand; 2. Dick Watson Five - Cold Clear World; 3. Nomads - Time Remains; 4. Creatures, Inc. - Letters Of Love; 5. Evil Enc. Group - Hey You; 6. Evil Enc. Group - The Point Is; 7. Flys - Reality Composition No. 1; 8. Counts IV - Spoonful; 9. Jimmy & The Offbeats - Stronger Than Dirt; 10. Jimmy & The Offbeats - I Ain't No Miracle Worker; 11. Rondells - One More Chance; 12. Rick & Ronnie - Don't Do Me This Way; 13. The 5 - I'm No Good; 14. Countdowns - Cover Of Night.


(review by Bill Shute, "Ugly Things" magazine)