There's her standard opener "You Need a Great Big Woman," the true-confessional "Love 'Em & Forgive 'Em," the good-time "I Left My Heart in Texas," and audience favorites "The Lord Was a Woman" (here featuring a guitar solo from Dave Alvin) and "I'm in Love with a Girl." There's also a spirited cover of "These Boots Are Made for Walkin'," the jivin' "Freak Lover," and the instrumental "Beehive," a showcase for the considerable talents of pianist Sue Palmer. Overall, it's easy to understand why Candye Kane has attracted a devoted and growing cult following--she's got considerable talent, and an attitude to match. --Genevieve Williams

All too often the reaction to Candye Kane is about her past. People are interested in her adult entertainment background in films and as a stripper instead of her current musical talent. Don't make that mistake. Her past is behind her and what we have is an incredibly talents songstress and entertainer. This album is the best showcase of her talent and ability. The songs go from anthems such as the title track to a country song with Big Sandy, a unique version of Nancy Sinatra's Boots Were Made For Walking, to a bawdy song about things that taste good. . .

There is such a variety of different sounds and moods on this album. If you don't like one song, skip to the next track where you'll hear something different. What isn't different is an incredible voice that must be listened to. The same is true with her live show. You won't be able to take your eyes off of her and you won't want to.

More importantly, Candye's music expresses very important messages of self-esteem and pride in who you are. Fundamentalist Christians won't care for her message, but for the rest of us, she's a breath of fresh air.

Another highlight of this album and many of her other CD's are the supporting performances by other musicians. Dave Alvin, Sue Palmer, Big Sandy and plenty of other talented musicians are showcased.

1. You Need A Great Big Woman
2. Love 'Em & Forgive 'Em
3. Freak Lover
4. I Got A Feelin'
5. I Left My Heart In Texas
6. The Lord Was A Woman
7. It Shuold Be Rainin'
8. These Boots Are Made For Walkin'
9. Gifted In The Ways Of Love
10. I'm In Love With A Girl
11. Homewrecker
12. Beehive (instrumental)
13. All You Can Eat (And You Can Eat It All Night Long)
14. That Ain't It