alt1. Foolkiller
2. One Of These Days
3. Look Here
4. Days Like This
5. Your Red Wagon
6. I'm The Wild Man
7. Rollin' Stone
8. New Parchman
9. Don't Forget To Smile
10. I'm Not Talking
11. Lost Mind
11. Madalena

This 1964 Mose Allison release features seven original compositions and four bluesy covers. "I'm Not Talking" is a bossa nova number that highlights Allison's unique piano playing, an approach that's both percussive and melodic. "Look Here" is a minor blues, but Allison breaks up the 12-bar form in quirky ways. This tune allows the trio to swing beautifully, particularly drummer Ron Lundberg, whose refined cymbal work really drives the piece. Like most of Allison's releases, each song is built around attention-grabbing narratives carried along by his easy-going voice. The opening track, "Foolkiller," may be Allison's finest lyric here. The tune pokes fun at the all those who live in the concrete jungle of Manhattan in Allison's typically humorous and self-effacing manner. One of Allison's finest outings, this album illuminates the workings of his creative, gleefully eccentric mind quite well.