Leon Patillo - Discography (1979-1989) 9 Albums MP3/Flac

Leon Patillo - Discography (1979-1989) 9 Albums
Leon Patillo
Real Name:
Leon Patillo
Profile:Leon Patillo was the lead vocalist for the Santana Band from 1974-75.
In Groups:Creation (10), Santana
Variations: Leon PatilloL. Patillo, L. Pattillo, L.Patillo, Patillo

Format:Vinyl, LP
Genre:Funk / Soul, Pop
Tracklist - Songs

LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/01. you can't turn me off
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/02. if you don't want my love
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/03. hung up over you
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/04. ooh baby
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/05. sound of all love
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/06. thats when you know
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/07. now that you're gone
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/08. here we go again
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/09. if you only, i could
LeonPatillo/(1977) Feel the Mood/10. love wont let me wait
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/01 Dance Children Dance
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/02 High On You
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/03 These Signs
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/04 Born Again
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/05 Temple To The Sky
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/06 Trinity
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/07 He Is Comin'
LeonPatillo/(1979) Dance Childen Dance/08 Come
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/01 Blessed Is
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/02 Have Faith
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/03 Flesh Of My Flesh
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/04 We Must Believe
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/05 (Your Love Is Lifting Me) Higher And Higher
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/06 Star Of The Morning
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/07 Don't Give In
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/09 How Can I Begin
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/10 My Sweet Lord
LeonPatillo/(1981) Don't Give In/11 Go
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/01 John 3_17
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/02 Cornerstone
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/03 Praise Ye The Lord
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/04 Blessed Be The Name Of The Lord
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/05 I Surrender
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/06 I'll Never Stop Loving You
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/07 Rise and Be Healed
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/08 Saved
LeonPatillo/(1982) I'll Never Stop Lovin' You/09 River
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/01 Born Again
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/02 Flesh Of My Flesh
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/03 Dance, Children, Dance
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/04 Amazing Grace
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/05 Don't Give In
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/06 Star Of The Morning
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/07 Cornerstone
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/08 Visions (Talk)
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/09 We Must Believe
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/10 This Is The Day
LeonPatillo/(1983) Live Experience/11 Go
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/01 I've Heard The Thunder
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/02 Security
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/03 Life Is What You Make It
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/04 Come To Receive
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/05 J.E.S.U.S
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/06 Love Calling
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/07 Fear Not
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/08 Sing Unto The Lord
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/09 The Sky's The Limit
LeonPatillo/(1984) The Sky's The Limit/10 Small Still Voice
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/01 - love around the world
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/02 - up and over
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/03 - one thing leads to another
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/04 - magic man
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/05 - fire
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/06 - friends in high places
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/07 - i'll be with you
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/08 - treat her like a lady
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/09 - safe delivery
LeonPatillo/(1985) Love around the world/10 - the lord's prayer
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/01 I'M Brand New
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/02 Isn't It Crazy
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/03 Deliver Me
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/04 Strong Tower
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/05 Melody Of Praise
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/06 Alpha & Omega
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/07 Blessed Are You
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/08 Golden City
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/09 New Thrill (Extended Version)
LeonPatillo/(1987) Brand New/10 Try , Try Again
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/01 On The Way Up
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/02 I Will Hold Out For You
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/03 Cold Turkey
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/04 Rock House
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/05 Bye Bye For Now
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/06 Interlude
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/07 Hosanna
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/08 Special Friend
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/09 More Of You
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/10 You Are Original
LeonPatillo/(1989) On The Way Up/11 Take Time And Rest

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