Way Up Alaska Way MP3/Flac


Never seen this one before! Al will have you ready to head for the Yukon! Thanks to Ruediger for sharing this gem!

01) Way Up Alaska Way
02) Call Of Alaska
03) The Alaska Earthquake
04) The Kee Bird Song
05) The Unfortunate Miner
06) Artic Eskimo
07) Ballad Of Soapy Smith
08) Phantom Of The Artic
09) Cheechako's Beard
10) My Yukalaska Girl
11) Northland
12) Paddle Wheeler
13) Irena Cheyenne
14) Beautiful Alaska
15) Out In The Great Northwest
16) Alaska Star 49
17) Blow Northwind Blow
18) Echo Of The Yukon
19) Twilight In The Yukon
20) For Such Is The Land