Phoebe Snow – Rock Away (Mirage 19297) 1981 MP3/Flac

This is the only album by the sensational Phoebe Snow never to have made CD. It was her first following the expiry of her productive deal with Columbia in the seventies, and has been referred to by the artist as her “three chord rock �n’ roll album�. Of course, it’s not quite as limited as that summation would suggest, containing two of Snow’s most beautiful compositions – the title track and Something Good. Snow has always tended to use her ability to sing in whistle register very, very sparingly, and on this album, it mainly appears during the fade-outs of the rock numbers. In fact, I asked her why – compared to Minnie Riperton and Mariah Carey – she reigned in this ability so much. “I don’t like showboating,� she responded.


"вЂ�Rock AwayвЂ� has often been seen as the poor relation to Phoebe’s earlier work, although it perked up her commercial fortunes a little, with two medium sized hits, one of which was the mid-tempo Games. I really like the album. It’s fun, ballsy, and occasionally quite touching, with typically fine vocals. Apparently, a follow up was recorded for the same label, but never released. I don’t even know if it was completed and mastered. 

Phoebe really is an exceptionally blessed singing and songwriting talent, and let’s all chant for her full recovery from recent health problems. "Rock Away" is here at 320 kbps.