Mega Italo Beat Mix vol.001-024 MP3/Flac

Mega Italo Beat Mix vol.001-024
Nazwa albumu: Mega Beat Italo Mix vol.001-024
Album Type: Mix (Remixed By Max)
Album Bitrate: 320
Album Cover: przуd, tyі, cd
Album Size: 3.68GB
Album Hasіo: Brak

1.Mega Beat Mix.vol.001 Italo (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =========
01.Topo & Roby - Under The Ice
02.My Mine - Can Delight
03.Panorama - War in Love
04.Italian Boys - Forever Lovers
05.Savage - Don't Cry Tonight
06.Twilight - My Mind
07.Tension - My Dream
08.Rose - Magic Carillon
09.Savage - Only You
10.Lee Marrow - Mr Fantasy
11.Hot Cold - Love Is Like A Game
12.Michael Maltaсskie - To nie ulega zmianie
13.Den Harrow - Tell Me Why
14.Swan - Don't Talk About It
15.Fabian Nesti - Hej-ho
16.Den Harrow - Don't Break My Heart
17.Mauro Micheloni i F.M. Band - Looking For Love
18.Mr. Zivago - Little rosyjski
19.Den Harrow - Overpower
20.Rudy & Co - Mama Radio
21.Pink Project - B. Project (Medley Billy Jean & Jeopardy)
22.Peter Jacques Band - Drives Me Crazy
23.Joe Maran - Give me a break
24.Albert One - Heart On Fire

1.Mega Beat Mix.vol.002 Italo (Remixed By Max) 2007
01.Riky Maltese - Warrior
02.Radiorama - Hey Hey
03.Casanova - Tutti Quanti
04.Funny Twins - You And Me
05.Savage - Time
06.Mirage - Get Down
07.Jimmy & Susi-Come Back
08.Scotch - Zdjкcia
09.Stage - Ocean Of Crime
10.Radiorama - Desire
11.Mr. Zivago - Tell Your Eyes
12.Amati - Are You In The Mood For Tonight Bach
13.Raf - Self Control
14.Evelyn Barry-Take It As Game
15.Lian Ross - Say You'll Never
16.The d.light - Scratch Your Face
17.The Voyagers - Distant Planet
18.Jennifer Munday - Invisibile
19.Moments - Dworzec
20.Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars
21.Mike Rogers - Happy Moon
22.Facts & Fiction - Give Me The Night
23.Gino - Everybody's Chic

1.Mega Beat Mix.vol.003 Italo (Remixed By Max) 2007
01.Lovables - It's Beautiful
02.Morgana - Ready For Love
03.Savage - I'm Loosing You
04.T Ark - How Old Are You
05.Milou - Sentimental Lover
06.Matisse - Fool For Love
07.Sinery - Don't You Ever Run Away
08.Caesar - My Black Lady
09.Max Him - No Escape
10.Moses - Nasza rewolucja
11.Sabrina - All Of Me
12.Tommy Bow - Dance Tonight
13.DJ 's Project - Vision Of Love
14.Lou Sern - Swiss Boy
15.J. D. Jaber - Don't Stop Lovin
16.Hйlicon - You ... Widzieж
17.Lian Ross - It's Up To You
18.Angie ciaіa - Your Mind
19.Joy - Touch By Touch
20.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl
21.Trillion - Belgian Girl

1.Mega Beat Mix.vol.004 Italo (Remixed By Max) 2007

1.VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.005 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =====
01.Radiorama - All Night Long Mix (FCF R)
Gang 02.Asia - Afrika (Ebony Mix)
03.Radiorama - Cudzoziemcy 2 (mix Alieno)
04.Le Ferrari - czіowiek elektryczne (500 V mix)
05.Ken Laszlo - Mary Ann (That's lovely mix)
06.Mela - Love me too (Powerful mix)
07.Superlove - I wanna stop (Paris Mix)
08.Andrea - I need you to mix (Andrea's)
09.J. Kee - Carry On (Original mix)
10.Mela - I'll Be With You (D. J. Edycja N-1)
11.Laurie - Moїesz mi powiedzieж (Pumpin Mix)
12.Radiorama - love Sugar Sugar (mix Verona)
13.Mr. Black - tajemniczy mкїczyzna mix (V)
14.Barbie Young - Excited (S. E. X. edit)
15.Chris - Hey Dee Jay (D. J. P. mix)
16.Superlove - Playboy (L. A. club mix)
17.Eskimo - co wieczуr (noc i wymieszaж dni)
18.Boys Boys Boys - chіopca Teddy (L. A. Mortello)
19.Mr. Black - Dance razem (X. mix L.)

1.VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.006 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ============
Gang 01.Asia - Dedicated to Freddie (Queen mix)
02.Oscar - Superstar (B. B. mix)
03.Alphatown - Body Rock ('s Jhonny Mix)
04.Alphatown - Runaway (mix FCF)
05.Ken Leszlo - Baby call me (mix hit Kenia)
06.FCF - Fire on the Moon (1991 Version)
07.Max i Steve - Set Me Free (S, M i Mix)
08.Jenny Kee - atomowa (Extasy Mix)
09.Moltocarina - Don't say goodbye (mix Wenecja)
10.FCF - Baby no! (Long Edit)
11.Pamela - toky Hoky (mix Sayonara)
12.Boys Boys Boys - Dance the night away (LA Mix)
13.S. Mikoіaj i D'Jungle Girls - Little man (mix Maserati)
14.Mistery - Never Fall In Love Again (Evamix)
15.Jenny Kee - Nowa miіoњж (E. D. mix)
16.Max and Company - Radio Pуіnoc (Supermix)
17.Tipsy i Tipsy - Video Video (TV Mix)
18.E. Layne - Get Back (mix Factory)
19.Mr. Black - Kamikaze (mix Hit'R)
20.The Gangstars - we're gonna be betta (Speedy Mix)
21.Alphatown - ognia (Fire version)
22.Betty doy - love story (R. E. J. mix)
23.Alphatown - Serce do serca (1991 R'mix)

1.Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.007 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ===================
01.Intro - Mega Beat Italo Mix
02.Lawrence Ville - Mad Desire
03.Italian Boys - Forever Lovers (extended)
04.Rohanne - Charline
05.lala - Johnny (mix)
06.Veronique - Jungleman
07.Sandy Wilson - Give Me Your Love Tonight (extended version dance)
08.New Baccara - Fantasy Boy
09.Magazine 60 - Rendez-Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol
10.Bazykina Twins - Moskwa Nights
11.Gina.T - Tokyo By Night
12.King Kong & DJ Jungle Girls - Lies (Extended)
13.The Caesars Dancer - Lets go
14.Phil & Stan - Play the Game
15.Thomas i Schubert - Crank It Up
16.Radiorama - ABCD
17.Thomas & Shubert - Little Radio (Radio)
18.Jenny Kee - Carry On
19.Maltese - It's All Right
20.Valentino - You Are The Sunshine (Radio)
21.Malcolm J. Hill - Take A Chance
22.Alpha Miasto - Power Of Magic
23.Dandy - For Your Heart
24.Coo Coo - Happy Days

1.Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.008 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =
01.Sophie - Miіoњж nigdy nie spania od
02.Blue Sunbeam - Dreaming
03.Dandy - Dziewczyna Kocham ciк
04.Danny Keith - Hold on
05.Barbara - Luv Luv Luv
06.Ross - Magical Dream
07.Mr Beat - Change
08.Lenny - Self Control
09.Coy Mc Coy - Wyspa
10.Les Blue Belles - S.O.S.
11.Teddy Boy - Ready for Love
12.Coo Coo - Energia
13.Virgin - Tylko z All Your Love
14.Malcolm J Hill - Dont Make Me Cry
15.Nani - La Cancion del Sol
16.Lou Grant - Sex Heroes
17.Nani - La Cancion Del Sol (Radio)
18.Gipsy & Queen - Love is Dreamland
19.Annabelle - Walking in the Moonlight
20.Lilac - When I'm with you

1.Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.009 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =
01.Funny Twins - You And Me (Vocal)
02.Italien Boys - Forever Lovers
02.Jimmy & Suzy - Come Back (Versione Disco)
04.Scotch - Zdjкcia
05.Wish Key - Last Summer
06.Nicky i Nicky - Souvenir
07.Joe Yellow - Bieїnik
08.Jeo Yellow - Love At First (OZSZERZONY Ksztaіcenia)
09.Rose - Magic Carillon
10.Key West - Jesahel
11.Lian Ross - Say You'll Never
12.Sheila steward - Its You
13.Rose - Fairy Tale
14.Creative Connection - Scratch My Name
15.Facts And Fiction - Give Me The Night
16.Digital Ram - Do It (Extended Version)
17.Joe Lettieri - You'll Be Mine (Vox Mix)
18.Joe Lockwood - Hey You
19.Duke Lake - Dance Tonight

1.Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.010 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =
01.D.J. Efekty - D.J. Wpіyw
02.Patrick Colby - Mandryl (Extended Version)
03.Solo - Harem
04.Hypnosis - Droid (Automatic Piano)
05.Trillion - Krok po kroku
06.Jules - I Want To (Extended Version)
07.Den Harrow - Charleston
08.Miko Mission - The World Is You
09.Savage - So Close (Radio Mix)
10.Creative Connection - You Are My Heart You Are My So
11.Hugh Bullen - Night Girl
12.S 50 - wejњciowe
13.Michael Bedford - Tonight
14.P4f - Diamonds
15.Silent Circle - Danger Danger
16.Mike Cannon - Going Crazy (Extended Vocal M
17.Swan - General Custer
18.Amadhouse - Shock Me (Extended)
19.KB Caps - Catch Me Now Im Falling
20.Albert One - Hopes & Dreams
21.Del Faro - Bandiera La Playa Del Sol
22.Image - Hot Stuff (Long Version)
23.My Mine - Hypnotic Tango
24.Brando - Rainy Day
25.Brian Ice - Over Again
26.The Flirts - Passion
27.Brain Ice - Tokyo (DJ Version)
28.D.J. Efekty - D.J. Wpіyw

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.011 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ====
01.Helen - Zanzibar
02.Silent Circle - Love Is Just A Word
03.Two z nas - Pokolenie Swing
04.Radiorama - Cudzoziemcy
05.Alphaville - Big In Japan '88
06.Xalan - Solo Me Muevo por dinero
07.Madonna - La Isla Bonita
08.Carrara - Shine On Dance
09.R.Bais - Take Love
10.The S.O.S. Band - Just Be Good To Me
11.Baltimora - Juke Box Boy
12.Barbie - Barrabba
13.Fellini - Passenger
14.Radiorama - I Don't Wanna Lose You
15.Ago - Komputery
16.Eighth Wonder - I'm Not Scared
17.Hally i Kongo Band - Afrikan Man
18.Atrium - Dr Jeckyll
19.Style - My Kind Of Woman
20.Danny Keith - Keep On Music
21.Den Harrow - Bad Boy

Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.012 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =
01.Radiorama - Cudzoziemcy
02.Den Harrow - Bad Boy
03.Silver Pozzoli - Around My Dream
04.Scotch - Zdjкcia
05.Kazino - Shoot
06.Tango - Computerized Love
07.Florence - Now And Forever
08.Ryan Simmons - Lucky Guy
09.Copy-Right - You Can Win If You Want
10.Samantha Fox - I Surrender
11.Lian Ross - Neverending Love
12.Fable Time - Rosja
13.Camaro 's - towarzysza
14.Italian Boys - Until The Morning
15.Okay - E.D.U.C.A.T.I.O.N.
16.Savoir Faure - Talking To The Stars
17.Madigan - Ice Cold Love
18.Secret Lovers - I See It In Your Eyes
19.Interface - Like Puppets
20.New Order - Touched By The Hand Of God
21.Maltese - Mama

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.013 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =====
01.Danny Keith - I Feel Right
02.Casablanca - Angel Of Night
03.Legend - Don't Cry
04.Spy 71 - Take Me Mr Love
05.Eugene - Livin 'In Your Love
06.Tenere - Moon podrуїy
07.Digital Ram - Do It
08.Savage - Love Is Death
09.Doctor 's Cat - Feel The Drive
10.Patrick Colby - Mandryl
11.Albert One - Secrets
12.Miko Mission - The World Is You
13.C.C.Catch - One Night's Not Enough
14.Kylie Minogue - I Should Be So Lucky
15.Time - Love Is The Reason
16.Valerie Claire - Shoot Me Gino
17.C.C. Catch - Cause You Are Young
18.Jimmy McFoy - Czeњж Dziewczyna
19.London Boys - Harlem Desire
20.Shooting Party - Safe In The Arms Of Love

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.014 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =======
01.Koto - Dragon's Legend
02.Shipra - Sugar & Spice
03.Peter Schilling - Different Story
04.Bad Boys Blue - Train To Nowhere
05.Secret Service - Don't You Know, Don't You Know
06.J.D. Jaber - Don't Stop Lovin '
07.Joy - Touch By Touch
08.Chris Luis - Heart of the City
09.Max Coveri - One More Time
10.Mc Roy & Saloon Girls Band - Little Cowboy
11.Gibson Brothers - Cuba '88
12.Dollar - Oh L'amour
13.Fancy - Lady Of Ice
14.Pet Shop Boys - Heart
15.Fred Ventura - Wind of Change
16.Ankie Bagger - I Was Made For Loving You
17.Rio - Copacabana
18.Lime - Angel Eyes
19.Dj 's Project - Vision Of Love
20.T.Ark - Count On Me

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.015 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ========
01.Mr Zivago - Yesterday
02.Silent Circle - Danger Danger
03.Big Tony - Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
04.Kylie Minogue - Got To Be Certain
05.Ankie Bagger - Where Were You Last Wysokoњж
06.Bad Boys Blue - Pretty Young Girl
07.Spagna - I Wanna Be Your Wife
08.Blue System - Magic Symphony
09.Kylie Minogue - Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi
10.D.D. Band - Mystery Woman
11.Eddy Huntington - Up & Down
12.Secret Service - Night City
13.Style - Run For Your Love
14.Europe - Unisexappeal
15.Sarah - Tokyo Town
16.Barry Lane - Journey To The Moon
17.Yoh Yo - Desire
18.Koto - Dragon's Legend
19.Fair Control - Angel Eyes
20.Sabrina - All Of Me
21.Mike Mareen - Don't Talk To The Snake

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.016 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ========
01.Pet Shop Boys - Heart
02.Company B - Perfect Love
03.Paul Rein - Hold Back Your Love
04.Twenty One - The Eyes Of Don Johnson
05.Radio Pirates - What Shall We Do With A Drunken DJ
06.Magazine 60 - Rendez Vous Sur La Costa Del Sol
07.Chriss - With A Boy Like You
08.Radiorama - Manitu
09.Eddy Huntington - May Day
10.Gipsy & Queen - Love
11.Fun Fun - Baila Bolero
12.Jessica - Like A Burning Star
13.Mike Mareen - Double Trouble
14.Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa
15.Psychic Interface - Dancing In The Night
16.Sisley Ferre - Give Me Your Love
17.Men Without Hats - Pop Goes The World
18.David Lyme - Playboy
19.Sister Sister - Blue Night In Alcatraz
20.Kim Ross - Can't Take My Eyes Off You
21.Sophie - Soft Czas
22.Brian lodzie - Walkin 'Away
23.Desireless - Voyage Voyage
24.Gazebo - Lunatic
25.Hubert Kah - So Many People

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.017 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =======
01.Dr. Martini - You Are The One
02.Don Shelley - Dance To The Music
03.Lee Young - Napoleon
04.Diux - Comet
05.Den Harrow - Mad Desire
06.Cube - Two Heads Are Better Than One
07.Riky Maltese - Warrior
08.Topo & Roby - Under The Ice
09.Body Power - Dancing In Tears
10.Radiorama - Hey Hey
11.Casanova - Tutti Quanti
12.Radiorama - Vampires
13.Ray Cooper - Breakdown
14.Panorama - War in Love
15.My Mine - Can Delight
16.Valerie Dore - Lancelot
17.Savage - Time
18.Italian Boys - Forever Lovers
19.Jimmy & Susi - Come Back
20.Sylvi Foster - Hookey
21.Mr. Black - Monnalisa
22.Stage - Ocean Of Crime
23.Tozzo - Shankle
24.Max Him - Just A Love Affair
25.Radiorama - Desire

VA - Mega Beat Mix.vol.018 Italo (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =======
01.Mikron - Polinezja (Maxi Version)
02.Susanne - Give Me Love
03.P.Lion - Dream
04.Savage - Radio
05.Tommy Kerisch - Speedy Life
06.Silver Pozzoli - Chica Boom
07.P. Lion - King Of The Night
08.Fokewulf 190 - Body Heat
09.Lian Ross - Say You'll Never
10.Valerie Dore - The Night (Original Mix)
11.Den Harrow - Tell Me Why
12.Jim Player - Girl On The Phone (12''Mix)
13.Roxanne - Boys In Black Cars
14.Iudy - Island Of The Sun
15.P. Lion - Happy Children (Remix)
16.M & G - When I Let You Down
17.Legend - Don't Cry
18.Maltese - Mama
19.Susanne Meals - Forever
20.De Niro - Wіoski Boy
21.Hot Cold - I Can Hear Your Voice
22.Milou - Change Your Mind
23.Animotion - Obsession

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.019 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ==========
01.Milou - Change Your Mind
02.Amin-Peck - Running Straight
03.Glen Biaіa - TV Lover
04.Reeds - In Your Eyes
05.Roni Griffith - Desire (Maxi)
06.Albert One - Hopes & Dreams (Extended)
07.Drion - Lady Valentine
08.Barry Lane - Journey To Monn
09.J.D. Jaber - Don `t Wake Me Up (szwedzki Remix)
10.Lipps Inc - Funky Town (Powerhouse Remix)
11.Lady D - I'm Yours Tonight (Extended)
12.Girly - Trouble (Mix Version)
13.Magazine 60 - Pancho Villa (Extended Version)
14.Yazoo - Don't Go (Original 12'')
15.Marcia Raven - Catch Me
16.Dead Or Alive - You Spin Me Round (Like A Record)
17.Man to Man Meet Man Parrish - Male Stripper
18.Paul Parker - Without Your Love
19.Michael Prince - Dance Your Love Away
20.Julia Claire - Big Star
21.Samantha Guilles - Let Me Feel It
22.Bianca - One More Time
23.Digital Emotion - Go Go Yellow Screen

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.020 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== =====
01.Deborah Haslam - Let Me Trouble (remix)
02.TH Virgin - New Lover
03.Doctor Groove - Hey Man
04.Captain Hook - Cannibal Isle
05.Dyva - I Know
06.Helen - Tunis Tunis
07.H poziomie - Rhythm
08.Modem - Valerie
09.Marina - Time For Us
10.Lucia - La Isla Bonita (Jungle Version)
11.Flying Dj - Marylin
12.Mirage - Get Down
13.Riccardo Cioni - Ole-oh
14.Giorgio Moroder - Shannon's Eyes
15.Foster - Calypso Girl
16.Reale Accademia - She's Mine
17.Soul Boy - Baby Blue
18.Milva - Marinero
19.Tullio Od Piscopo - Andamento Lento
20.Tom Hooker - Help Me
21.Moonshine - Chiny
22.D.J.M.T. - Eye To Eye
23.David James - Hush Hush
24.Roncuccy & Crazy - Winner (remix)

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.021 (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ====
01.Capitan Hook - Cannibal Isle
02.Music Service - Another Song
03.Fair Control - Symphony Of Love
04.Dyva - I Know (krуtki pierwsza wersja)
05.Barbara - Joe Le Taxi
06.George Gray - Life
07.Riky Maltese - All Night
08.Superbowl - Oe'-ooh
09.Quinn Martin - One More misji
10.Martinelli - Revolution
11.Mystic Rhythm - Killer On The Rampage
12.Glasses - Crystal
13.Dyva - Please My Love (extended version)
14.Atrium - Funny Dancer (Remix)
15.Memo - Everybody Loves A Hero
16.Alan Clayn - Jojnt
17.Christine - Dancing Hour
18.Roxanne - Charlene
19.Saphir - Shot In The Night
20.Raff - Self Control
21.Styloo - Dlaczego

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.022 (Dyva - Best Of Mix) (Remixed By Max) 2007
================================================== ==================================
01.On Fire (mix caldo extended version)
02.I Know (krуtki pierwsza wersja)
03.Please My Love (extended version)
04.Day After Day (Short Version)
05.Clap Again (extended version)
06.Oh Mama Tonight (extended version)
07.If Youre Feeling Blue (Short Version)
08.Memories (extended version)
09.Stay With Me Tonight (wersja krуtka)

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.023 (Area51 - Mix) (Remixed By Max) 2008
================================================== ================================================
03.The Robot Empire
04.Journey do Triskelion
05.Xuxos (Remix)
06.From The Sun
08.The Empath
09.Martian Storm
10.Sonic misji
11.Into Oblivion
13.Sector 9
14.Bionic Man
15.End linii
16.Message From Another Time
17.Fire Gdy wszystko jest gotowe
18.Imminent Attack
19.Of znanym wszechњwiecie
21.Really Sick (FM Remix)
22.From st№d tam!
23.Crystal Machine
24.Your Love
25.Tha Groova

VA - Mega Beat Italo Mix.vol.024 (Remixed By Max) 2008

1.C.C.Catch-Best Of Mix

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