Gurcan Erdem - Greatest Hits MP3/Flac

Gurcan Erdem - Greatest Hits
Gurcan Erdem - Greatest Hits
Gurcan Erdem - Greatest Hits - 2008
CD 01
01 Dancing On The Fire (4m 18s)
02 Hold My Hand (3m 25s)
03 Don't Talk About It (3m 15s)
04 Your Dream Is Over (4m 39s)
05 Deep In The Ground (4m 12s)
06 Blue Night (Hides Your Heart) (4m 11s)
07 Come Back Tonight (4m 10s)
08 A Danger Tonight (4m 00s)
09 Adventures (3m 34s)
10 Deadly Bosphorus (3m 19s)
11 Save Me (3m 52s)
12 Sparrows From The Nightingales (4m 14s)
13 Mayar Is A Lonely Dream (Euro Disco Version) (4m 27s)
14 Angie Lives In A Souvenir (3m 56s)
15 In The Rain (4m 19s)
16 Talking Skulls (3m 16s)
17 End Of Transmission (3m 38s)

CD 02

01 Dreams In The Night (3m 58s)
02 Jump In To Fire (3m 48s)
03 Don't Leave Me (3m 55s)
04 Set The World A Fire (4m 42s)
05 Tears In The Rain (3m 32s)
06 Sarajevo Nights (4m 16s)
07 Blue Rhapsody (3m 45s)
08 On This Magic Doom (4m 55s)
09 Land Of Stingray (4m 18s)
10 Midnight Sun (3m 51s)
11 Save The Soul (4m 03s)
12 Zombie's Night (4m 00s)
13 Shot The Night (3m 44s)
14 Natural Kill (4m 55s)
15 Dancing On The Fire (12'' Version) (5m 25s)
16 Magic Doom (Instrumental) (3m 49s)
17 Hold My Hand (12'' Version) (5m 27s)
18 Mayar Is A Lonely Dream (2000 Euro Version) (5m 07s)

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