Pink Floyd - Complete Zabriske Point Sessions 1969 MP3/Flac

Pink Floyd - Complete Zabriske Point Sessions 1969

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Zabriskie Point is a soundtrack album to the Michelangelo Antonioni film of the same name. It was originally released in January 1970 and is composed of songs from various artists. A 1997 re-release includes four bonus tracks each from Jerry Garcia and Pink Floyd that were used in the film, but not the original soundtrack. Jim Morrison of the Doors wrote the track "L'America" for the film, but was rejected by Antonioni ("L'America" was later released on the Doors album L.A. Woman). A Rolling Stones track, "You Got the Silver", is featured in the film but not present on this album.

December 1969
Recorded in Rome, Italy

01. Rain it the Country - Take One
02. The Violence Sequence - Take One
03. The Red Queen Theme - Take One
04. Fingal's Cave - Take One
05. Theme - Take Two
06. Rain in the Country - Take Two
07. Love Scene - Take One
08. Love Scene - Take Two
09. Blues Scene - Take One
10. Fingal's Cave - Take Two
11. Love Scene - Take Three
12. The Red Queens Theme - Take Two
13. Crumbling Land - Take 1