Oscar Harris at the right front and Billy Jones at the center of one of there album covers.

Oscar left the group in 1973 for a successful solo career. Jones stayed with the group and released 2 great albums (both collectors albums) with them before leaving in 1980, he passed away 2 years later.
Oscar is still performing and doing well.

Great lp with the famous "relax before doin sex" great Euro only funk tune in James Brown style!!! very nice dj cut ! and including an uptempo groove live in Amsterdam. Oscar Harris was born in1943 in Paramaribo-Surinam, came to The Netherlands late 1963 and performed with his backing band The Twinkle Stars throughout the country. He was signed by Dureco in 1969.

1 oscar harris soldiers prayer
2 oscar harris relax (before doin' sex)
3 oscar harris only a fool
4 oscar harris you're wrong
5 oscar harris rockin' style
6 oscar harris make this night a special one
7 oscar harris don't keep fooling me
8 oscar harris every body needs a fair chance
9 oscar harris twinkle stars boo galoo (live)
10 oscar harris moon river