Hevia - Obsession (Repost) MP3/Flac



Hevia - Obsession

2007 | Mp3 320 kbps | 128 Mb

Genere: Celtic/Celtic Fusion

I've been a big fan of Jos? ?ngel Hevia ever since I first heard his debut album, "Tierra de Nadie", almost eight years ago. His music blends elements of his native Asturias, in northern Spain, with other forms of Celtic music, along with Spanish and Arabic motifs, and finally, electronic strains. He is a master of the acoustic Asturian bagpipes, along with a form of Midi pipes he invented himself, and a type of low whistle. The elaborate vocal harmonies, when they appear, are always very exotic and, at the same time, ancient-feeling, making the hair stand up on my arms as I'm swept away by the timelessness of it all. Have you ever stood in a medieval castle, with the odd sense that you could slip through a crack in the coils of time and find yourself stranded in the twelfth century? That's the feeling I get uniquely from listening to Hevia, and no one else, due to his mixture of ultra-modern and ultra-ancient. The Celts are a truly ancient people, having inhabited Europe for over two thousand years, with a sense of history and legend second to none, and equaled by few.

01 - Albo

02 - Albandi

03 - Obsession

04 - Los martires de Rales

05 - Vueltes

06 - Carrandi

07 - Soy pastor

08 - Keltronic

09 - The morning star

10 - Keltic brass

11 - Taranus

12 - Lluz de domingu