Andy Robinson - Patterns Of Reality (1968) MP3/Flac

altAcoustic folk with a downer psych vibe, backed by the cream of the Los Angeles studios (Carol Kaye, Jim Gordon, Al Casey, Lincoln Mayorga and Earl Palmer). Now a rare album.
(Stephane Rebeschini/Clark Faville "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

Edgy folk psych.
(Ron Moore "Underground Sounds")

According to a comment in "Rate Your Music" Andy Robinson was originally from Philadelphia. "Patterns Of Reality" (Philips PHS 600-289 / 1968) was recorded in L.A. and is full of well-crafted songs that hang together well. One might miss some rough edges but Andy Robinson's ambition wasn't to do a lo-fi album. On the negative side are some loungy moves at the end on some of his songs ("Are You Sleeping" and "Maiden Voyage" in particular), especially when he let's his studio pro's loose. All in all this is an album well worth hearing not unlike to Bob Ray, Toby Ben or Hamilton Camp for instance. Andy Robinson recorded a second album entitled "Break Out Of The City" on Janus in 1970 which I've never got the chance to hear.

- Absolutely The End
- Ballad Of A Summer Girl
- The Exhibition
- Time For Decision
- Provider
- Tell You The Truth
- Are You Sleeping
- Nothing Could Be Better
- Maiden Voyage
- Patterns Of Reality

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