Lainie Kazan - The Chanteuse Is Loose (1977) MP3/Flac

Lainie Kazan - The Chanteuse Is Loose (1977)
A star of stage, screen and song -- and former Playboy centerfold - the enterprising Kazan struck a deal with the Playboy organization to lend her name to the company's cabarets. Thus was born Lainie's Room East in Chicago and Lainie's Rooms West in Los Angeles. The association with the Playboy Club seems like a natural alliance for Kazan since sex appeal was a large part of her equation. She was a curvy, buxom bombshell whose overripe sexuality figured prominently in her act. In the 60s, it was subtle but the relaxed social mores of the 70s allowed Kazan to be more forthright. As such,The Chanteuse Is Loose is a loud, frenzied affair filled with sensual whispers, soft cooing and orgasmic belts. It was recorded live at Lainie's Room West and the program is very 70s, and lots of fun. It opens with Kazan's (loud) exclamation of appreciation for the audience's (loud) applause -- "Oh my God they're so WUUUNDERFUL!" She launches right into a disco-ish medley of "Life Is Song Worth Singing" and "I've Got The Music In Me". She offers an appropriately dramatic version of the cheesecake classic "I've Never Been To Me", a Top 10 hit for Charlene in the 80s. And then she serves a raucous reading of "You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman" and it only gets better from there. Showtunes, Blues standards and Soul classics are all steamrolled by Kazan's wildly overwrought stylings. Kazan is a very gifted vocalist with a theatrical flair prone to excess and drama -- in other words, she's fabulous. Her fabulousness is on full display on this live recording. If you love Lainie (as I do) you will really love The Chanteuse Is Loose but if you do not, you will probably be appalled by the things she does to these songs. If you approach with an open mind you will be enchanted by Kazan's unique, over-the-top charm.

Side One
Life is A Song Worth Singing / I've Got The Music In Me
I've Never Been To Me
You Make Me Feel Like A Natural Woman
Band Introduction
One Fine Morning

Side Two
St. Louis Blues
What I Did For Love/Feelings
Everything Must Change
I Feel A Song In My Heart

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