Lorna Wright – Circle of Love (Rocket 2909) 1978 MP3/Flac

Elton John certainly had a great ear for talent in the 70s, signing Judie Tzuke and Brian/Brenda Russell. Here’s another of the artists who recorded for his Rocket label. I understand that Lorna Wright is sister to the more famous and prolific Gary. On the evidence of this album, she could undoubtedly have had a solid, ongoing recording career of her own.

“Circle of Love� is a mix of Lorna’s own material and a few additions from other writers (Kim Carnes, for example, on the super-catchy Night Music). Although I retained my own digital copy of the album, I no longer have the vinyl and therefore no detailed cover/inner scans.

Lorna has that Karla Bonoff singing style – very listenable if not utterly stamped with personality. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this polished soft-rock album to anyone who likes Ms Bonoff.

Actually, two hours later, having given the album a listen for the first time in a while, I think that a better point of reference for its sound is Valerie Carter. There's definitely a vibe here, apparent in the vocals, instrumentation and songs, that recalls Valerie Carter's two Columbia albums from the late seventies. A considerable distinction, though, is that Lorna's album features a much higher proportion of self-written material.

Although it’s a widely circulated comment on the internet, I can’t actually find any evidence of Lorna recording under the name �Lorna Doone’ for Island Records. Can anyone confirm that?

Here is Lorna Wright’s “Circle of Love�.