The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA (Classic 2nd Album US 1963) MP3/Flac

The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA (Classic 2nd Album US 1963)

Surfin' USA is the second album released by The Beach Boys and was released in early 1963.

Surfin' USA reached #2 in the US, lasting 78 weeks in the charts. It reached #17 in the UK in late 1965. Surfin' USA is now paired on CD with Surfin' Safari, with bonus tracks from that period.

01. "Surfin' USA" Brian Wilson/Chuck Berry Mike Love 2:27
02. "Farmer's Daughter" B. Wilson/Love B. Wilson 1:49
03. "Misirlou" Roubanis/Wise/Leeds/Russell instrumental 2:03
04. "Stoked" B. Wilson instrumental 1:59
05. "Lonely Sea" B. Wilson/Gary Usher B. Wilson 2:21
06. "Shut Down" B. Wilson/Roger Christian Love 1:49
07. "Noble Surfer" B. Wilson/Love Love 1:51
08. "Honky Tonk" Doggett/Scott/Butler/Sheper/Glover instrumental 2:01
09. "Lana" B. Wilson B. Wilson 1:39
10. "Surf Jam" Carl Wilson instrumental 2:10
11. "Let's Go Trippin'" Dick Dale instrumental 1:57
12. "Finders Keepers" B. Wilson/Love Love 1:38

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