1975's TONY BENNETT/BILL EVANS ALBUM turned out to be such a landmark recording in both artists' careers that a reunion was inevitable. Like their previous collaboration, TOGETHER AGAIN is strictly a duo recording, with only Bennett's unique voice and Evans' artful piano to keep each other company. Again like their previous album, nothing more is required. Evans' elegant, classically-influenced jazz phrasing and Bennett's unparalleled storytelling abilities are more than enough to get these tunes across. On such selections as Rodgers and Hart's "You're Nearer" and the classic "You Don't Know What Love Is," both men take advantage of the sonic space around them to fully explore the melodic and harmonic potential of the tunes without ever straying from the heart of the songs. On "A Child Is Born," Bennett demonstrates his dynamic range by alternating between delicate near-whisper and stately, trumpet-like tones. Evans matches him step for step throughout the album, setting up a fluid, impressionistic backdrop for Bennett's poignant readings.
The concept couldn't have been simpler, nor could it have been more perfect, just Tony Bennett and Bill Evans, Together Again, in the wee small hours of the morning, engaged in an intimate musical dialog, with the recording tape rolling. Originally released in 1977 on Bennett's own Improv label, Concord Records is proud and honored to make this timeless classic available again.

01 - the bad and the beautiful
02 - lucky to be me
03 - make someone happy
04 - you're nearer
05 - a child is born
06 - the two lonely people
07 - you don't know what love is
08 - maybe september
09 - lonely girl
10 - you must believe in spring
11 - who can i turn to
12 - dream dancing
13 - the bad and the beautiful
14 - make someone happy
15 - you're nearer
16 - a child is born
17 - the two lonely people
18 - you don't know what love is
19 - maybe september
20 - lonely girl
21 - you must believe in spring