Stefano Panunzi - A Rose (2010) MP3/Flac

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Stefano Panunzi - A Rose (2010)

Progressive Rock | 1CD | MP3 VBR 246kbps | 94.4MB

Time: 53:35min | Label: Emerald Recordings

A ROSE - STEFANO PANUNZI Timelines, Stefano Panunzi's debut from 2005, was a fine piece of work, on which songbased progressive rock (somewhere between No-Man, Porcupine Tree and the music of ex-Japan-members) was frequently varied with instrumental pieces, strongly inclined toward ambient and atmospheric jazz. With A ROSE this Italian composer/keyboardplayer chooses clearly for the song-structure, for which he invited some authentic singers to recite their own lyrics. - HearThis -


1. State Of Mind

2. Fades

3. On Line, Now!

4. Child Of Your Time

5. I Miss You

6. Unreality

7. Where Is My Soul

8. The Bridge

9. Tonight

10. Lights And Shades