DJ Ogi-Journey-2LP-2010-VAG MP3/Flac

DJ Ogi-Journey-2LP-2010-VAG


TITLE: Journey

LABEL: Submissions

GENRE: Techno

GRABBER: Adobe Audition

ENCODER: LAME 3.97 / -V2 vbr-new

QUALITY: 217 Kbps Avg / 44.1 KHz / Joint Stereo

PLAYTIME: 0h 42min 57sec total

SIZE: 67.71MB

RELEASE DATE: 2010-00-00

RIP DATE: 2010-02-11


A1. Journey Intro 1:16

A2. Dark Sun 5:22

A3. XXXL 5:07

B1. Vizia 5:06

B2. Otra 5:24

C1. Osa 5:11

C2. The Funk 5:09

D1. Mare 5:04

D2. Sat 5:18


Submissions opens the new year with a brand new doublepack LP by mister OGI!

Ogi is one of the most succesfull Submissions artists and he send so many

good tracks he deserves to have his full artist album!

Great music for techno lovers around the globe.

Starting with a proper intro on A1, followed by the track DARK SUN on A2.

This tracks sets the pace for the album in the true OGI style. hard kicks,

subzero soundscapes and even harder kicks on top! A3 brings XXXL. This is a

fast driving tracks full of sneaky percussion and again the trademark XXXL


The flip starts of with a slighty slower pace, but dont be fooled. After the

atmospheric breakdown, you will find yourself dancing like theres no

tomorrow once again..

Talking about dancing. You cant sit still on B2 either. Starting with a

clean kick, the epic synths come in and take on the next journey.

And this was just plate 1... The next plate is for the true hard techno

heads. Fast laced beats and a acid like melody line bring you into the real

dark hours of the nite and the track after that is for all the real BEASTS

out there!

Flip it over for one of the highlights of the album. Mare is one of those

hardtechno tracks that can be played in any style set! Jackin beats and vibe

building breakdowns create a great track!!

Back to serious techno for the last one of this great album. True SUBMISSIONS

techno for all the real fans!!!


Dont forget to support the artists! We did.