RUTH SILKY WATERS / Never Gonna Be The Same (1979) MP3/Flac

I don't know much about Ruth Silky Waters but she has a fantastic name and I was struck by the classy diva album cover so I bought it. I also noted that Never Gonna Be The Same was produced and arranged by John Davis, who together with his Monster Orchestra came up with some groovy disco tracks like "Love Magic" and "Ain't That Enough For You". Davis worked his 'love magic' on Ms. Silky Waters and came up with a surprise gem. The title track has the perfunctory ballad intro before the dance tempo kicks in and it becomes a twirling disco stunner that builds the drama as the song progresses. The rueful tone of "Never Gonna Be The Same " was almost prophetic given that disco was soon to suffer a huge commercial backlash in 1980. "Start A New Affair" and "You Are My Life" are both very melodic and a cut above standard disco fare. Waters has a strong, dramatic voice that may be under-utilized at this tempo. "Hopeless Situation" slows it down a bit to a funky midtempo groove and she sounds a little more enthusiastic. My favorite track is "As We Fall In Love Once More", a lovely ballad also recorded in 1979 by Shirley Bassey. Here, Waters gets to really dig in and show off her range with ad-libs, scatting and some rather perilous high notes that only a diva named 'Silky' would attempt.

Side A
Never Gonna Be The Same
Spinning Top
As We Fall In Love Once More

Side B
Start A New Affair
You Are My Life
Hopeless Situation