ELISA FIORILLO / Elisa Fiorillo (1987) MP3/Flac

Elisa Fiorillo is a former Star Search contestant who teamed with Jellybean Benitez for the 1987 dance-pop hit "Who Found Who." The track went to No. 1 on the dance charts and made the pop Top 20. It was very infectious and commentators noted the seeming influence of one of Benitez's other early 80s collaborators, Madonna. Though Fiorillo had a somewhat more robust vocal delivery, there is a definite resemblance to Madonna. Elisa Fiorillo was released on the heels of the success of "Who Found Who". The suits at Chrysalis records were eager to play up comparisons to Madge and enlisted Benitez, Gardner Cole, Tommy Faragher and Reggie Lucas to fashion a Madonna-esque collection of 80s dance-pop. Under the circumstances, Elisa Fiorillo is a very pleasant, cohesive album but the 80s dance-pop flourishes now sound very dated. Fiorillo co-wrote 3 tracks here. Reggie Lucas, producer of Madonna's self-titled debut album, and Benitez are responsible for the strongest tracks, including "You Don't Know" and "More Than Love." In particular, "Little Too Good To Me", produced by Benitez, is a sassy, radio-ready track that just vibrates with hit potential. Unfortunately, the label went with the relatively tame "How Can I Forget You" as the first single and it peaked in the lower half of the Hot 100. The lovely Lucas-produced ballad 'Forgive Me For Dreaming" was released as a single but also failed to make the Top 40. It is perplexing that the label didn't go with the most danceable, radio-friendly songs for single release but those are the breaks. Fiorillo caught the attention of Prince and he produced her 1989 follow-up LP I Am which produced the hit single "On The Way Up."

Side One
You Don't Know
How Can I Forget You
Gimme Special Love
Forgive Me For Dreaming
Do Something Foolish

Side Two
Little Too Good To Me
More Than Love
Headin' For A Heartache
Lover's Prayer
Two Times Love