LINDA CLIFFORD - Sneakin' Out (1984) MP3/Flac

LINDA CLIFFORD - Sneakin' Out (1984)

Linda Clifford is one of the great jive-talkin' divas of disco. Strikingly beautiful, Clifford wasn't afraid to get 'ugly' on record if a man didn't know how to act right. Her raps on "Runaway Love" and "Don't Give It Up" are legendary. Her tenure with Curtom records ended around the time disco suffered a commercial backlash. As such, Clifford's early 80's recordings largely eschewed the funky disco of her 70s recordings. Sneakin' Out came in 1984 and was aimed at pop radio. Sneakin' Out held little appeal for fans of the sassy, spirited hits that made Clifford famous. Even so, it is not a bad album. These tracks could have been recorded by any of the lesser known dance divas of the day and would be perfectly pleasant. However, to experience Clifford, whose persona on record was so distinctive and commanding, watered down to the point of anonymity is very disappointing. Sneakin' Out is all shiny synths and drum machines. "A Night With The Boys" was a significant club hit and its cute but not a patch on her earlier classics. "Love Hostage" and "I Just Want To Hold You" are also listenable. Clifford returned to her funky dance roots in the late 90s with a series of collaborations including "Ride The Storm" and a brilliant remake of Sharon Ridley's "Changin'."

Side One
Sneakin' Out
A Night With The Boys
One Mistake
We've Got Our Chance

Side Two
How Do You Say
Love Hostage
I Just Want To Hold You
You're Mine

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