MEL & KIM / FLM (1987) MP3/Flac

Another of my favorite albums from the 80s. FLM was the debut of British sister duo Mel and Kim Appleby. Mel & Kim were a pair of model-esque, British beauties who gave us dance-pop with an urban sensibility. The first single "Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)" made quite an impact in the U.S. (particularly Chicago). Given how much "Showing Out" was played on the radio it's surprising that it never made it beyond No. 23 on the US R&B charts. It did, however, go all the way to No.1 on the dance charts and deservedly so. Produced by the UK's Stock Aiken Waterman production team, it liberally incorporated elements of Chicago garage house and became a voguer's anthem. The follow-up single, "Respectable", was another smash hit with a similar 'jack-your-body' house beat and even more attitude. "Respectable" got lots of US airplay and made it to No. 1 on the dance charts. I was just as impressed by some of the more mid-tempo tracks on FLM. "More Than Words Can Say" was a sweet Pointer Sisters-style ballad. "Whatever It Is" has a distinct NY freestyle vibe. Overall, FLM is the most consistently pleasant full-length album to emerge from the SAW camp. Sadly, Mel(anie) Appleby died in 1990 after a 3 year battle with cancer.

Side A
I'm The One Who Really Loves You
More Than Words Can Say
From A Whisper To A Scream

Side B
Showing Out (Get Fresh At The Weekend)
Whatever It Is
Who's Gonna Catch You