Aesop's Fables - In Due Time (1969) MP3/Flac

This one has been a long time coming, as this was promised about a year ago and this is the 2nd time I recorded it.
Aesop's Fables only released this one album on Chess Record's Cadet Concept imprint and as such it's one of only a couple of real rock records on Cadet Concept (the other I know about is the 1st Status Quo album). The music is inconsistent and varied in style. A lot of it falls into the horn rock genre popular at the time (e.g., Blood Sweat & Tears, Rare Earth), which is not my favorite style of rock music and biased me against actually posting this for a while, but there are some other tracks that go into blue-eyed soul and psychedelic territory and are more to my liking. The band is excellent especially when one or all hit a groove like the organ freak out on "In the Morning" and pretty sublime, psychedelic jamming on "And When It's Over." Lyrically I'm not as impressed. They also cover "I'm Gonna Make You Love Me" and (to greater effect) Bert Sommer's "And When It's Over."
Robert Gallo who turned out a lot of tax write-off releases has his hands all over cowritting a lot of the songs, as well as arranging and producing. The band consists of
Ronny Alterville -- bass, guitar, backing vocals (1967-69)
Sonny Bottari -- vocals, percussion (1967-69)
Robert DiMonda -- flute, sax, backing vocals (1967-69)
Joe Fraticelli -- sax (1967-69)
Frank Krepala -- guitar, backing vocals (1967-69)
Louis Montaruli -- trumpet, trombone (1967-69)
John Scaduto -- vocals, drums (1967-69)
Barry Taylor -- keyboards (1967-69)
And here's a tracklist
1.) Lift Up Your Hearts (Barry Taylor - Ronny Alterville)
2.) What Is Soul (Robert Gallo)
3.) In Due Time (Robert Gallo - Segal)
4.) In the Morning (John Scaduto - Robert Gallo - Ronny Alterville
5.) Everyone's Talking (Robert Gallo - Segal)
6.) Spoons Full of Sand
1.) The Sound of Crying (Sonny Bottari - Barry Taylor - Ronny Alterville - Heins)
2.) What Is Love (Robert Gallo)
3.) Look Out (B. Bottari - Barry Taylor)
4.) I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Jerry Ross - Kenny Gamble - Williams)
5.) And When It's Over (Bert Sommer)
You can hear the music here.
I should note that you may hear a bit of distortion, especially in the quieter moments. I don't want to go into the whole story--as I know I complain about my computer set-up too much already--but I recently installed an exterior upgrade for my Creative sound card and it has a number of useless features one of which (the 24-Bit Crystallizer) was accidently turned on during recording. Suffice it to say I won't be using it again.