altA1.He Don’t Appreciate It
A2.No Answer Came
A3.Hello Brother
A4.Money Honey
A5.Peaceful Man
B3.What A Wonderful World
B4.Walk Tall
B5.It’s Been A Long Night
B6.Chains Of Love

A real landmark of bad-walking soul -- one of 2 rare albums cut by vocalist Esther Marrow, easily one of the hardest singing sisters of her generation! Esther's got roots in gospel, but she's singing here in a righteous mode that features plenty of funky undercurrents in the backings -- a style that hits harder than work by Aretha Franklin or any of the better-known female singers of the time -- and which holds up beautifully over the years! Many tracks here are obscure ones, arranged tightly by Artie Butler and Gene Page, both of whom do a great job of blending fuller orchestrations with tighter drums on the bottom -- giving the record a good kick on most tracks, but still shading in the tunes with enough sophistication to match Esther's interpretation of the work.