alt1. Intro
2. This Time
3. Walk
4. Reasons
5. Trains and Boats and Planes
6. Turning Pages
7. Interlude 1; Waiting
8. The Two Lonely People
9. I Run
10. Turning Pages
11. Where Is Wolfgang?
12. What Remains
13. Closer
14. That Sorry School
15. Keeping Things Whole

“Lindstrom sings in such a way as to invite the listener into her own world. Like waking up on a warm summer day, welcomed by birds singing. It’s a world full of depth, dimension and beauty. Production and sound are first rate. A refreshing work of art, listening to Walk not only invites repeated listening but may well become a classic for years to come. Lindstrom’s silky smooth delivery, as well as insightful arranging make this one of the top recordings of 2003.�


Jeanette Lindström – vocals
Staffan Svensson – trumpet
Peter Nylander – guitar
Daniel Karlsson – piano, keyboards
Severi Pyysalo – vibraphone
Christian Spering – double bass
Peter Danemo – drums, percussion
Ale Möller – lute, hammered dulcimer