In a career lasting four decades, Laine achieved 21 gold records, and sold about 250 million albums.

1987 interview: "When people nowadays say that Elvis Presley was the first white guy to sound black, I have to shake my head; what can you do? At the time of "That's My Desire", they were saying that I was the only white guy around who sounded black."

Bob Hope once called Frankie Laine "a fog horn with lips", an amusing but accurate description, as Laine is best-known for his powerful, full-blooded treatment of tales of ill-fated romantic liaisons, religious ballads and western songs, such as "Jezebel", "I Believe" and "Rawhide". Although he displayed more range in his lesser-known singles and album tracks (such as the racial lament "Black and Blue"), the public preferred him bellowing out ballads with supreme confidence. If ever a singer could be called a man's

1. By the River Ste Marie
2. So Black and Blue
3. That's My Desire
4. Blue Turning Gray Over You
5. That Lucky Old Sun
6. Baby, That Ain't Right
7. Shine
8. Rockin' Chair
9. We'll Be Together Again
10. West End Blues
11. Give Me a Kiss
12. On the Sunny Side of the Street