alt1. We Know The Way By Heart
2. Forever Lover And Friend
3. Sunlight
4. Nana Das Aguas
5. Simple Life
6. People's Parties
7. Homeless Person Interlude
8. Take A Look
9. Miracle Of Love
10. Baby Crying
11. Will They Know
12. Spring
13. Out Of Town
14. Prelude To A Kiss

Every record for me has been a snapshot into my life during the time of both the writing and recording process. I spent several months in the writing and practicing phase before we started recording. Many of the songs were very challenging both musically and vocally for me. I sang everything live with the band, which meant that I really had to be on my game.
There were several musicians involved in this record and Michael had a co-producer for the first time; Marcel East. His background was less Jazz and more R&B which brought parts of the album into new directions for me.
I got mixed reviews on this album because it covered so much ground style wise. People thought it lacked a theme, to which I replied that my voice was the theme. I do know that I can never please everyone, so I might as well make music I like!
This record marked my first song writing efforts with the Brazilian genius, Dori Caymmi on a song called "Forever Lover and Friend". We still love to play this tune live!
The song "Sunlight", written by Bill Cantos and Ricky Lawson, became a huge hit in the Philippines which afforded me the honor to start traveling over there to do concerts and TV commercials. Bill and I go way back. He grew up in San Diego and I met him when he was the tender age of 15. He was already playing and singing great! I love to travel to the Philippines and I can honestly say it has become somewhat of a home away from home. The people are the nicest in the world, hands down!
Simple Life was mostly recorded at a studio in Santa Barbara, which is about 1 1/2 hours away from LA where we live. I have fond memories of driving up the coast and working on this project!