alt1. Here I Come
2. Promisland Delroy Wilson
3. Get Myself Together
4. Revolution Delroy Wilson
5. Money In My Pocket Delroy Wilson
6. Silhouette Delroy Wilson
7. Sitting And Watching
8. Should I
9. Westbound Train
10. Wolves & Leopards
11. Have You Ever
12. Stop The Fussing & Fighting Delroy Wilson
13. Hold On To What You've Got
14. Cassandra
15. Wildfire

It's rare for a legendary vocalist to sustain the quality of his music throughout his career, but Dennis Brown managed to. LOVE & HATE serves as a wonderful retrospective of his career. With ear-grabbing production by Niney, Tad Dawkins, Sly & Robbie, Joe Gibbs, and Dennis himself, this best-of is nothing short of breathtaking.
The powerful roots track "Revolution" commands attention, as do lovers tracks like "Silhouette," and "Money In My Pocket." Dennis' voice is at its best here and his command and delivery of the lyrics is top-notch. There's not a filler track on here, with cuts like the outstanding "Here I Come," the classic "Westbound Train," and the immensely popular lovers track "Cassandra" proving exactly how prolific of a songwriter Dennis Brown was. If there's one Dennis Brown album to pick for a collection, this is it.