altShared by Dario. One of my favorites. New York and Mel, who needs more than that? Thanks.

1.Sunday in New York
2.Autumn in New York
3.Lullaby of Birdland
5.Brooklyn Bridge, The
6.Let Me Off Uptown
7.42nd Street
8.Sidewalks of New York
9.Harlem Nocturne
10.New York, New York
11.There's a Broken Heart For Every Light on Broadway
13.My Time of Day

This thematic recording, with songs all relating to New York City, has vocalist Mel TormГ© singing in fine fashion. Some of the familiar numbers are swingy, some stringy, but all are done with the heartfelt passion of a man who has lived in the Big Apple and has many tales to tell. Among some of the favorites are "Autumn in New York" with its ever poignant and heartbreaking lyric, the jumping "Let Me Off Uptown," a classic rendition of "Harlem Nocturne," and the obligatory "New York, New York." These sessions, reissued from Atlantic label recordings of 1963, have a disclaimer regarding the transfer from analog to digital, in that quality may be lost in spots. Don't let that dissuade you, as any dropouts are minimal. These are well done and worthwhile offerings from TormГ© and friends. ~ Michael G. Nastos