Bing Crosby & Friends (late '40s) MP3/Flac

altDecided to "keep it Crosby" for my next share. But this time the spotlight falls on Bob's older brother, Bing. By and large I give cassette tapes a miss nowadays, but bought this one when I noticed that track 3 featured Kay Thompson and the Williams Brothers. Was introduced to Andy and his three bros making great harmony together decades ago when I added "The Wonderful World Of Andy Williams" to my vinyl collection. Since then I have been hopeful of catching up with Andy and the boys again. Absolutley zilcho! That is until a few weeks ago when I saw their names on this tape. I shared the "Wonderful World" album back in September of 2008 and made these comments then about the group:

"Now, what of Dick, Don and Bob, Andy's talented brothers. It all started in the local church at Wall Lake, Iowa, where Andy's dad, Jay, organized a Williams family choir. Later the family moved to Des Moines where the Williams Brothers obtained their own radio show on station WHO. After war service the guys reassembled, teamed up with comedienne Kay Thompson to form one of the most popular nightclub acts of the late '40s. They eventually disbanded but agreed to get together again for this album. Andy and the bros have a nice clip on YouTube ( Check it out."

Overall it's quite an entertaining show with guests Rosemary Clooney, Nat Cole, The Andrews Sisters, Ozzie & Harriet Nelson, Rudy Vallee and Walter O'Keefe. Found Bing's version of Jenkins' ballad "PS I Love You" good value as well. Always liked the song and hadn't heard it for ages.

Some more nostalgia for you.

Side 1:
01) Opening theme (Blue Of The Night)
02) Lady Of Spain [Bing]
03) Hello Hello [Kay Thompson & the Williams Bros]
04) Zipadee Doo Dah [Bing]
05) Two To Tango [Rosemary Clooney & Bing]
06) PS I Love You [Bing]
07) Mona Lisa [Bing]

Side 2:
01) May The Good Lord Bless & Keep You [Nat King Cole, Andrews Sisters & Bing]
02) Great Day [Bing]
03) I Got The Sun In The Morning [Bing]
04) Why Don't You Fall In Love With Me [Ozzie & Harriet Nelson & Bing]
05) Hand Holdin' [Walter O'Keefe, Rudy Vallee & Bing]
06) Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes [Bing]