The Enoch Light Singers: Dream A Little Dream Of Me (1967) MP3/Flac

altGot an email from Keith, our radio mate from Ozee, a few days ago. It said simply: "Found a few vinyls like this one in our old storeroom at 3RPP. Thought this one might be a post for you!"

This is it. A bunch of professional studio vocalists directed by maestro Light himself, sounding not unlike the groups led by Ray Conniff, Les Baxter and Ray Charles (not THE Ray Charles) and others that were about in the '60s and '70s. I've placed this release at about 1967, but it's only a guesstimate. "It Must Be Him", one of the big hits of '67 sung on this album was recorded by both Vikki Carr and Shirley Bassey in that year, so I'm probably fairly close.

Just another comment: The Ray Charles Singers were included on some of Enoch Light's Command and Project 3 albums around this period and I'm wondering if in fact it's them or even some of them on this disc. Whatever, you'll enjoy hearing these dozen pop tunes of 40+ years ago sung by a slick 16-voice choir.

Thanks again Keith!

Side 1:
01) I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight
02) I Say A Little Prayer
03) Green Tambourine
04) It Must Be Him
05) Love Is Blue
06) Ode To Billy Jo

Side 2:
01) People Got To Be Free
02) Whoever You Are, I Love You
03) Hello, I Love You
04) Dream A Little Dream Of Me
05) Harper Valley PTA
06) Lady Willpower