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Four Freshmen: Live At Butler University (1972)

Four Freshmen: Live At Butler University (1972)

Lounge Ambient Acoustic
• Year : 0
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Album Info

altBought this Freshmen/Kenton combo concert some years ago as a cassette tape. Someone borrowed it and it was never returned. Replaced it recently with this copy. It was a cheapie at a Salvation Army Op Shop. Assumed it would be identical to my earlier purchase from Amazon, but no. This tape is a rather unprofessional dubbing from the original 2 LPs. How do I know? There is a pause of about 20 - 30 seconds between sides 1 & 2 on both discs. Whoever did the transfer needs to be shot. There's no need for a gap like that. However, apart from that it sounds OK.

This is not the Freshmen at their very best, but don't let that put you off if you've never heard them in concert with the Kenton band. Actually it was a case of local boys making good. Butler University is where, in 1947, Ross Barbour, his brother Don, their cousin Bob Flanigan and buddy Hal Kratzsch formed a quartet called the Toppers when they were freshmen there. They became the Four Freshmen after their discovery by Kenton at Denton, Ohio's Esquire Lounge. Stan was celebrating his discovery in this 1972 recording made at Butler.

Side 1:
01) Kenton intro & There Will Never Be Another You
02) After You
03) Byrd Avenue
04) Surfer Girl
05) Girl Talk
06) When The Feeling Hits You
07) Walk On By
08) What Are You Doing The Rest Of Your Life
09) Brand New Key
10) A Beautiful Friendship

Side 2:
01) Teach Me Tonight
02) Summer Has Gone
03) Hymn To Her
04) Come Back To Me
05) It's Not Unusual
06) She'll Be Coming Round The Mountain
07) Walk Softly
08) Artistry In Rhythm

The album code is : ODI147604

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