Skeeter Davis - The End of the World [1963] MP3/Flac

Recorded at the peak of Davis' brief stardom, this emphasizes the weepy country-pop that gave her a number two pop hit with the title track. Nothing here measures up to that wonderful smash, but it's tasteful enough period Nashville country, with producers Anita Kerr and Chet Atkins ensuring that the LP measured up to state-of-the-art country-pop production by double-tracking Davis' vocals against a background of strings and lazy barroom piano runs. They did let her loose on Little Eva's "Keep Your Hands Off My Baby," which is replete with primitive fuzzy guitar. Though it may sound enticing, the result is actually kind of lousy and ill-fitting.

Track list:

01.The End Of The World
02.Silver Threads And Golden Needles
03.Mine Is A Lonely Life
04.Once Upon A Time
05.Why I'm Walking
06.Don't Let Me Cross Over
07.My Coloring Book
08.(I Want to Go) Where Nobody Knows Me
09.Keep Your Hands Of My Baby
10.Something Precious
11.Longing To Hold You Again
12.He Called Me Baby