V.A. - Oh Yeah! The Best of Dunwich Records [1992] MP3/Flac

Recording Date: 1966-1967
The Chicago-based Dunwich Records was the leading Midwestern garage-rock label, turning out countless great singles from the likes of Shadows of Knight, American Breed, the Rovin' Kind, and H.P. Lovecraft. Oh Yeah! The Best of Dunwich Records is an excellent collection that contains the label's best-known hits, plus several fine unreleased cuts, radio commercials, and interviews. Anyone interested in delving into garage rock any deeper than the Nuggets compilations should start here -- it gives a good idea of both the treasures and the mediocrities to be found in the multitudes of compilations, and few other collections are quite as consistently listenable as this one.
CD covers included

Track list:

01.Shadows Of Knight - Oh Yeah
02.Warner Brothers - Lonely
03.The Knaves - The Girl I Threw Away
04.The Del-Vetts - Last Time Around
05.The Del-Vetts - Everytime
06.The Rovin' Kind - My Generation
07.Sounds Unlimited - Gotta Go Away
08.Saturdays's Children - Radio Spot (Saturday's Children)
09.The Mauds - Searchin'
10.The Del-Vetts - That's The Way It Is
11.Warner Brothers - I Wont Be The Same Without Her
12.Saturday's Children - Man With Money
13.The Del-Vetts - I Call My Baby STP
14.The American Breed - Radio Spot (The American Breed)
15.The Banshees - Project Blue
16.Shadows Of Knight - Light Bulb Blues
17.The Knaves - Tease Me
18.Little Boy Blues - The Great Train Robbery
19.Sounds Unlimited - A Girl As Sweet As You
20.Saturday's Children - Leave That Baby Alone
21.Pride & Joy - Girl
22.The American Breed - Radio Spot (The American Breed)
23.The Knaves - Leave Me Alone
24.Little Boy Blues - You Dove Deep In My Soul
25.H.P. Lovecraft - Radio Spot (H.P. Lovecraft)
26.The Mauds - You Don't Know Like I Know
27.The Knaves - Inside Outside
28.The Knaves - Your Stuff
29.The Rovin' Kind - She
30.Shadows Of Knight - Uncle Wiggly's Airship