Bob Dylan - Chronicles Volume One: 6 Song Sampler [2004] MP3/Flac

This promo CD has been released by Columbia Records to promote the publication of the first part of Bob's autobiography "Chronicles Volume One" by Simon & Schuster in the USA.
It has two previously unreleased tracks.
The CD is in a jewel case with a clear tray and a red sticker on the front describing the disc. The front insert is a single card. The disc itself is plain red with a spoof white "361Еџ SOUND STEREO" logo as on 1960s stereo LPs. The reverse of the rear insert (under the CD tray) has an excerpt of typescript from the book.
CD covers included

Track list:

1. The Cuckoo Is A Pretty Bird (live 1962)
2. New Morning
3. Father of Night
4. Political World
5. Man In The Long Black Coat
6. Dignity (original 1989 piano demo)