Laurie Records Story - Vol.3 Girls & Girl Groups MP3/Flac


You're The Love Of My Life - Brenda Lee Jones
Stop, Look And Listen - The Chiffons
Let Me Get Close To You - Beverly Warren
I'm Afraid They're All Talking About Me -Dawn
Shy Guy - The Charmers
My Block - The Four Pennies
Hanky Panky - The Summits
If I Knew Then (What I Know Now) - The Chiffons
Sandy - Dawn
Heading For A Heartbreak - The Cheese Cakes
Love Me Like You're Gonna Lose Me - The Chiffons
He's Just A Playboy - Bernadette Carroll
Don't Lean On Me - Corinna Cord
Keep The Boy Happy - The Chiffons
He's My Dream Boy - Marie Antoinette
He's An Angel - The Summits
How Can I Be Sure (That It's Love) - Gloria Dennis
Sweet Talk (Found Sweet Talk I Love To Hear On Bmi, But Is It The Same Song?) - The Charmers
I Still Love You - Les Girls
Your Big Mistake - The Del-Rons
He's Mine - Linda & The Lindettes
Whenever A Teenager Cries - The Jeans
Nothing Went Right - Lorrie Darnell
Circus Girl - Bernadette Carroll
Your Life Is Gone - Reparata