Reflections Of Time Feat. Padro - Sweet Romantic Sexy Joy [197x] MP3/Flac

Yo, this is my first post in here. This place can become something really dope, cause we try to build a network in here. Hope this will work out fine, but iВґm enthusiastic itВґll work, cause we got experienced bloggers n soullovers in here!!! Excited what the future will bring. By the waym i canВґt say too much about this record, cause i rather got any info.
NewWayStreet told me, this Pablo produced severall tunes for artists like i think The Moments and others, and this album here seems to be his bestof-work.

The coverart is a remake of another cover i actually canВґt remember, and also some songs are available on other records, as NewWayStreet told me.
IВґll ask him about that nex days, so i willcome thru with the info.

Enjoy, fam:

Download it here,peeps!!