Rumple-Stilts-Skin - same (1981) MP3/Flac


A smooth little soul combo from the Ohio scene of the early 80s -- one that's got a surprisingly polished sound for an indie label! The group's an unusual one -- in that it sports a number of different female lead singers -- working amidst lush mellow soul backings that have a nice sort of spacey quality to them. There's almost a post-Roy Ayers ballad feel here -- as the female vocals trip alongside some nice keyboards and gently funky rhythms on the best tracks -- sometimes joined by a male singer or two, in a mode that makes for a really great all-around ensemble feel to the set! The record's overflowing with great mellow soul and midtempo groovers -- and titles include "I Want To Be Your Lady", "Southern Lady", "Everything Is Gonna Work Out Fine", "Forever", "I Need You", and "Stop Your Running".