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John KaSandra - The Mod Messiah (Respect 1974)

John KaSandra - The Mod Messiah (Respect 1974)

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well, this isnt what i had in mind when i told yall i was going to rip something, but i remembered this record and decided to rip this one instead. this is off respect records, which was a stax subsidiary that issued mostly john kasandra records. if anyones got 'color me human' from 72, please let me know, or just upload it.

i realized just how much i liked this lp yesterday as i was ripping it. if anything, just check out the track 'i wanna do whats on your mind' , the keys are dope. the images of the album are from ebay and most of the back is cut off, cus im lazy and dont wanna take the pictures . if anyone wants to read the back cover lemme know.

james gadsen plays the drums and he produced this album. you might know him as the drummer on all the charles wright albums

also, if youre downloading these albums, please make a comment so i know theres someone out theere

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The album code is : ODI147439

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