Lucy Simon - Lucy Simon (RCA, APL1-1074) 1975 MP3/Flac


No decent scans for the cover of this album, I'm afraid. I parted with it in 2006. I first found a copy in Carmine Street in New York in 1991, and then bought a fresh copy around 2000 from which I made a CD. The album came with an inner sleeve of Ms Simon frolicking in the waves in a bikini.

Lucy Simon has said of her two mid-seventies RCA albums that they weren't satisfying because - instead of being entirely herself - she was trying to shoe-horn her style into the singer/songwriter mold. As is so often the case when someone tries to be au courant against their own better judgement, the results lack spontaneity and fluidity. Anyone who's heard her early work (she composed much of the Simon Sisters music) or later theatrical stuff will know that Lucy Simon has quite a distinct compositional style and singing voice, and that forcing herself into a pop straight-jacket was never going to be completely successful.

Lucy's first solo album was produced by Joel Dorn (producer of Roberta Flack, and also of Dory Previn's final Warner Bros album). She plays piano and - if memory serves - her band is made up of many of the 'name' studio musicians of the period. The album is an interesting artifact, but I'd be surprised/interested to hear from anyone who's prepared to rave about it. Here it is @ 320 kbps.