Carole King - three rare ones from the Ode Years MP3/Flac

Here's a mini-posting for completists - three tracks from Carole King that are not properly commercially available (ie you can't wander into a record shop and expect to get them).

Aren't bonus tracks on reissues a funny thing? How many of us continue to re-purchase albums in order to get one cut, plus a supposedly great remastering job that often turns out to be inferior to the earlier-issue CD? It's incredibly cynical. It's like a doctor saying, "Yes, you can pay me for treating your in-grown toe-nail, but I won't do the job unless you also undergo and pay for a heart transplant."

I am a sucker, a fool, and a record company's 'bitch'. I have bought Tapestry I don't know how many times, and the other Ode albums twice.

1. To Love (alternate version) - This is track 13 on the Writer reissue

2. Oh No Not My Baby (not the version on Pearls or Love Makes The World) - This is track 13 on the Wrap Around Joy reissue

3. So Many Way (alternate version) - This is track 11 on the Thoroughbred reissue

There was a variety of bonus tracks tacked onto Carole's Ode albums when they were issued in Japan in late 2007. However, the bonus tracks for Tapestry, Music, Rhymes and Reasons, and Fantasy had already appeared on various earlier UK/US/Europe albums and are still easy to get in those territories, hence their non-appearance in this posting.