and...they're gone again! MP3/Flac

So, the removal of all the re-uploaded files (see previous post) would seem to indicate 'forced removal'. I can't justify re-uploading them again, only to see them vanish. I'll try to bring them back in Feb/March, so bear with me until then.

Any theories as to why they've been taken down? Why would a record company with no interest in reissuing these albums, take such decisive action to ensure that they cannot be listened to? I could understand it if the companies responsible were remotely interested in this material, but these are all albums that were taken off the shelves as quickly as possible when they were initially issued on vinyl. Elektra, for example, have a contemptible lack of interest in reviving the Carol Hall albums.

In addition to the files listed in the previous post, we've also lost Ruth Copeland's "Take Me To Baltimore", Charlie Dore's "Things Change", and the self-titled album by Pidgeon.

Stay tuned.