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Melissa Manchester – Mathematics (MCA 5587), 1985

Melissa Manchester – Mathematics (MCA 5587), 1985

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Melissa Manchester's recording career has very distinct phases (with some overlap between them). Her output from 1973 to 1978 was very much in the singer/songwriter field, and brilliant it was too. Then she became Clive Davis's "Diva of the Moment" for 1979's "Melissa Manchester" and its follow-up "For The Working Girl", affecting a melodramatic vocal approach. Those two albums, however, still featured somewhere between 20 and 40% of her original material, along with a pile of rather over-baked songs by writers for hire.

And then came the phase of which "Mathematics" is the final part. Of the three Melissa Manchester albums that flirt with synthesised, dance-able 80s pop, “Mathematics� is the most consistent. It may not have the high points of “Hey Ricky�, but neither does it have anything as tasteless as that album’s Race to the End track. And, despite using an array of different producers, it doesn’t suffer from the uneven tone and quality of the 1983 “Emergency� album.

“Mathematics� was a one-off album for MCA, and following its appearance, Melissa Manchester’s album releases became much less frequent. Victims of the Modern Heart, Mathematics, Shocked, Energy, and All Tied Up are undeniably engaging. Things slow down on Side 2, culminating in the ballad Just One Lifetime, which was revived and altered many years later for a Barbra Streisand album.

An album like “Mathematics� will never capture my imagination the way that the earlier albums like “Bright Eyes�, the amazing “Don’t Cry Out Loud� LP produced with Leon Ware, or 2004’s “When I Look Down That Road� did. However, I come back to it from time to time, since it’s still Melissa’s voice, and it’s generally entertaining. Here it is at 320 kbps.

Also included is the “Mathematics� 12-inch release, featuring two alternative Mathematics mixes, and the non-album track So Full of Yourself.

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