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I am really sorry I don't have the back for this one. The scan got lost somewhere, who knows. Well I can sum up some of the info about the players and such because it is a Command record and I know there are a lot of fans out there, including myself that enjoy the info.

Produced by: Enoch Light
Art Director: Charles E. Murphy
Cover art by: George Giusti
Matering: George Piros
Arrangements: Lew Davies
Tony Mottola, Don Arnone, Al Casamenti, Allen Hanlon: electric guitar
Al Chernet, Bill Suyker: Steel guitar, mandolin, banjo, ukulele
Barry Galbraith: Rhythm guitar, ukulele
Bucky Pizzarelli: Bass Guitar
Artie Ryerson, Carmen Mastren: Mandolin, Banjoy
Dick Dia: Mandolin
Bobby Dominick: Banjo
Phill Bodner, Stanley Webb: Reeds
Domenic Cortese: Accordion
Phil Kraus, Bob Rossengarden: Percussion
Bob Haggart: Bass

1961 Grand Award Record Co.

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