Haunted - Part Two [I'm Just Gonna Blow My Little Mind To Bits] (1966-68) MP3/Flac

altThe second release on Voxx (Voxx VXM 200.013 / 1983) contains their remaining singles and the two 45's of Our Generation, the band former lead singer Bob Burgess joined after The Haunted. The french versions of "Talk Talk" and "Purple Haze" are pretty good. The best song is Our Generation's "Cool Summer", a strong psychedelic track that you can find also on the "Nightmares from The Underworld" compilation. The tracklist on the back cover is incorrect because "Sweet Love Song" doesn't appear on the album. Both Voxx LP's were also released on one CD and you can find a rip on Pablo's Garage Blog http://sharebee.com/b6d86210