Little Boy Blues - In The Woodland Of Weir (1968) MP3/Flac

altThe 45s this Chicago punk outfit produced will be of more interest than their album. Of particular note were their interpretation of Donovan's Season Of The Witch and two fine fuzz punkers Great Train Robbery and I Can Only Give You Everything, which was recorded by several other bands in this era. The best source of these 45s is the compilation Chicago 60's Punk Vs. New Mexico 60's Pop (LP), which contains both sides of their first four 45s. The LP (Fontana SRF 67578) is a real hotchpotch of styles that doesn't hang together well. Most cuts feature orchestration and range from light Sgt Pepper chamber-pop through brassy R&B workouts to heavier fuzzed moments and pedestrian Fudge-like pomp... seriously arty and very '68. Two of the stronger album cuts were put out on the Fontana 45, which states that they are "from Fontana's album Can You Dig It (SRF-67578)" - presumably the original title for Woodland Of Weir. Is Love? is a punchy Left Banke-ish ditty except for a midpoint crescendo of noise, with gut-wrenching guitar. It's Only You is fuzzy acid-rock.
(taken from "Fuzz, Acid & Flowers")

One of my favourite garage bands that finally got the chance to cut "their" psychedelic album and screwed it up. The above review by Vernon Joynson really hits the point. By the time of its recording the only remaining member of the original line-up was bass and keyboard player Ray Levin, who was also responsible for the setting of the songs. The best thing you can say about this album is the nice fairyland cover, the fresh'n' breezy "Is Love" and, fair enough, the two late '60s rockers "Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen" and "It's Only You". There was also a CD release on the Acid Symposium label from 2001 that contains all their singles and the album, but it seems to be unavailable now. Better visit the Paradise Of Garage Comps site where you can get all their garage tunes from the EVA release.

The rip is from the original vinyl.

- Cathedral
- Is Love
- I'm Hip To You
- Mr. Tripp Wouldn't Listen
- The Death Of Don Quixote
- Jazz Is Love
- It's Only You
- Echoes Of "You"
- Dream Weaver
- Seed Of Love
- The Fox

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