Birds - These Birds Are Dangerous (1964-65) MP3/Flac

altAlthough this West Drayton band set out playing R'n'B and Motown-influenced music some of their later records will be of interest to collectors of psychedelia. All of their 45s are now rare and sought-after, especially the Reaction one. The Bird's three 45s feature frantic guitar work and together with McKenzie's powerful vocals, confirm them as one of the most talented UK mid-sixties bands. In 1966 they changed their name to Birds Birds to record the now mega-rare Say Those Magic Words 45, which also features additional guitar work on the flip from Jeff Beck. The band attracted public attention as a result of a legal battle with America's Byrds over the rights to the name and also appeared in a horror movie, 'The Deadly Bees' singing That's All I Need You For. When they split in 1966 Gardner and Wood joined Creation. Later Gardner achieved some success with Ashton, Gardner and Dyke. Wood, of course, achieved fame with The Jeff Beck Group, The Faces and The Rolling Stones. In 1985 Edsel (Edsel NEST 901) compiled a 12" EP/mini-album comprising The Bird's three 45s, whilst these tracks plus the Birds Birds 45 and acetate demos of You Don't Love Me, You're On My Mind, Daddy Daddy and The Doll Who Said No have also resurfaced on the recent Say Those Magic Words LP. Even better however, is the Deram CD, Collectors Guide To..., which includes eighteen tracks - all their singles, early demos and plenty of unreleased material/backing tracks etc.
(taken from "The Tapestry Of Delights")

This powerful R&B/Freakbeat band sound more like 1966 than 64/65. They had an unusual drum-sound and all were excellent musicians. The songs on this 6-track mini-album compiles their three Decca releases and all are well worth hearing. If you haven't heard of them before than you are requested to give them a listen. Vocalist Ali McKenzie was later in Suzie Quatro's backing group and guitar player Tony Munroe was in an early line-up of The Gods. I've added their fourth release "Say Those Magic Words/Daddy Daddy" as bonus tracks.

- You're On My Mind
- You Don't Love Me (You Don't Care)
- Leaving Here
- Next In Line
- No Good Without You Baby
- How Can It Be
- Say Those Magic Words [bonus]
- Daddy Daddy [bonus]

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